MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Interview with DSC Promoter Member iFLYTEK.CO

Please briefly introduce yourself and your company.

I am the vice president of the education business group of iFLYTEK.CO and CEO of Hefei DUXIE Technology Co., Ltd. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of educational product development and management iFLYTEK.CO creates automatic speech recognition technologies and products that turn audio recordings and the spoken word into text files that can be used in digital stationery products, such as digital textbooks. I currently work closely with the development team at iFLYTEK.CO that is producing our intelligent digital textbooks. The most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are being applied to this innovation, enabling us to combine speech recognition, semantic technology and handwriting recognition with digital ink- and electromagnetic-enabled screens. We are excited about this new endeavor, which will bring consumers a product that automatically and seamlessly turns their meeting notes, doodles and audio recordings into digital text files that they can then send and edit digitally on their computer or the cloud.

Why is Digital Ink important to your organization?

iFLYTEK.CO studies speech, handwriting recognition, and natural language comprehension technologies because we believe products implemented with these advancements are the future of the digital stationery industry.

Digital ink and speech technology go hand in hand with human writing and speech. AI enhancements, as seen in talk-to-text or transcription software, are a critical factor in creating products that integrate voice recognition and digital ink within new digital notebook offerings.

What brought you to the DSC?

iFLYTEK.CO discovered the DSC through DSC Contributor Member E ink. We have a lot of consensus on the future of the digital stationery ecosystem with fellow DSC members, and we also value the individual perspectives from various industries. Our common vision is to promote the digital stationery industry to be recognized by more people and more industries Using the universal digital ink technology framework known as WILL™ (Wacom Ink Layer Language).

How will consumers benefit from universal digital ink?

The most direct benefit is that, without changing writing habits, the user can get all kinds of benefits and conveniences from using universal digital ink-enabled solutions. The simplest example is that the content you write will never be lost, and you can find it anytime, anywhere – just as Bill Gates’s had prophesized many years ago that “information is at your fingertips.”

For the digital stationery industry, this is especially true. From a digital notebook that has the semantic ability to understand either text-to-speech or handwritten notes and then can trigger actions such as adding future appointments dates to a calendar or emailing your notes to a study group.

What are your expectations for the next couple of years, and how will further developments in digital ink and stationery change your business?

We hope to be able to release a new stationery product that truly and seamlessly integrates universal digital ink with AI technology, making note taking and collaborative work easier. At the same time, we also hope to collaborate extensively with DSC partners to create universal digital ink-enabled, AI speech technology products with traditional stationery manufacturers as well as work with start-up companies exploring AI platform capabilities.

What other companies would benefit from joining the DSC?

In addition to technology companies, note taking app developers and top brand stationery companies would benefit from joining the DSC to expand digital stationery applications across the ecosystem. It is extremely valuable to have multiple companies from various backgrounds establishing an universal digital ink technology framework that will not only benefit their company and customers but society as well.