What is WILL™?

WILL™ (Wacom Ink Layer Language) is a specific standard for digital ink, which is created and stored in a special .will format. This format is required because digital pens create more data including pressure, tilt, and rotation, when compared with other input devices such as a mouse or keyboard. WILL™ enables beautiful, personalized digital ink to be visualized within any application, on any pen-enabled device, on any platform.

WILL™ Features & Capabilities

WILL™ is instantly beautiful

WILL™ SDKs feature high-performance writing and sketching tools. Their frameworks provide high performance capturing, conversion to digital ink data and various exchange and collaboration options. Fast, realistic ink rendering creates the most natural writing feel, with a direct response on screen. Visually aesthetic natural stroke dynamics further enhance the user experience.

WILL™ is biometrically accurate

Personalized ink data lets you create so-called ‘smart ink’, which replicates a realistic signing process with embedded metadata: coordinates and time of signing, the device and pen used for signing, or the position, pressure and angles of the pen on the pad – and more. Smart Ink is independent of the device the user writes on, or the operating system it uses.

WILL™ powers seamless collaboration

WILL™ provides apps with sharing capabilities for a common ink data format that users can edit from anywhere and exchange between applications, cloud platforms, services and across ecosystems. The result? Simple, seamless collaboration.

WILL™ Use Cases

From creative apps that help people ideate, scribble and draw, or signature-focused tools that ensure legal documents can be signed digitally with biometric authenticity, WILL™ provides the technology framework required to utilize personally-identifiable digital ink in a wide range of situations and workflows.

The WILL™ SDK & Service Family

Wacom has built a family of SDKs and cloud services around the WILL™ digital ink standard. These SDKs and services make it easy to utilize digital ink within any application and on any pen-enabled device.

The WILL™ SDK for documents supports the handling of forms that contain digital ink information, including handwritten text or signatures.

The WILL™ SDK for signature allows you to integrate support for Wacom signature pads or pen displays into your applications.

The WILL™ SDK for ink empowers you to include premium digital inking features in your applications by taking raw pen input data and rendering every stroke into beautiful digital

The WILL™ SDK for devices allows you to integrate our Wacom hardware and third-party inking devices into your applications.

WILL™ and the DSC – Use the SDK for ink for free!

As a DSC member, you are entitled to free access to the WILL™ SDK for ink, enabling you to add premium digital inking features to applications by taking raw pen input data and rendering every stroke into beautiful digital ink. You can also use the WILL™ file format (.will) to store and exchange ink content between applications and platforms.

The WILL™ SDK for ink also provides platform-specific packages for iOS, Android, Windows UWP and Web. The SDK includes:

  • WILL™ SDK for integrating digital ink into your application, and parsing and serializing ink data to the WILL™ file format
  • Full documentation, including sample code

For more detailed information, please visit the Wacom Developer Site. Or contact [email protected] with any questions.

*All images courtesy of Wacom