Why Digital Stationery Consortium?

Ink is the essential tool of human creativity. Ink has evolved from cave paintings to digital ink today for everyone who wants to capture, shape and share their ideas freely and still plays a major part in our day-to-day lives. Stationery products are used for notes, shopping lists, doodles, signing contracts, designs, sketches, love messages, graffiti and much more. And, even though design and illustration went digital many years ago, most ideas still start off with analog ink, pen and paper.

For decades, digital stationery solutions have been developed to serve specific use cases, nowadays industry leaders start to build on digital pen and ink more and more in order to open them to everybody in the world. Furthermore, digitalization, cloud services, IoT and e-signature are massive drivers to increase the need for digital ink that can be created and shared easily.

Now is the time to shape and share ideas beyond the boundaries of technology, eco-systems, companies and countries with the goal to serve creative needs in a most natural way with an ink format allowing simple ink content exchange and collaboration.

It is the mission of the Digital Stationery Consortium to create a movement with cross-industry partners to make digital ink, pen and paper widely adopted and to promote the evolution of smart digital stationery.

Our Focus

Our focus is to create a new market category platform by using digital ink where everyone can freely capture, shape and share new ideas beyond the boundaries of technology, operating systems, eco-systems, industries or countries.

And make this world a more creative place.

About Us

The Digital Stationery Consortium is an association of global industries and thought leaders with the shared mission to advocate the value of human creativity and to lead the creation of a new market category of smart digital stationery solutions that are serving any creative minds in a most natural and intuitive way.

Our focus is to establish digital ink as a universal, open and smart content format and a common framework for sharing and collaborating with ideas based on WILL™ digital ink.

Building Blocks

  • Establish the long-term visions and identify leadership group

  • Explore open, global, cross-industry partnerships

  • Realize open eco-system for creating and sharing new ideas

  • Promote and manage digital ink format

  • Prepare open cloud platforms for user-generated content

What We Do

  • Create an open exchange and network forum for industry partners to create and promote digital stationery as new solutions and new market.
  • Promote digital ink as the essential tool to create, capture and share creative content.
  • Jointly explore and identify new markets, user needs and requirements for digital stationery and digital ink.
  • Evangelize and evolve WILL™ as a true universal digital ink format that is able to bridge across eco-systems, platforms and applications.
  • Explore visions together to make digital ink an integrated part of cloud-enabled, distributed and smart eco-systems.

We want to give ink the power of digital technology for creating new ideas in everyone’s life.


As a member of the DSC, you’ll create the future of the digital pen and ink industry! Membership not only entitles your company to have a voice in setting DSC formats, practices and processes, it marks your company as a leader and innovator in the emerging digital ink market.


WILL™, Universal Ink

WILL™ is a universal ink format and framework, connecting hardware, software and applications. WILL™ is a technology that enables a high quality digital pen and ink experience and allows ink creation and idea exchange across applications, operating systems and technology platforms.

Learn more about WILL™