Frequently Asked Questions

The Digital Stationery Consortium (DSC) is an organization made up of global industry and innovation leaders whose shared mission is to advocate the value of human creativity. The DSC is leading the evolution of the emerging market category of smart digital stationery solutions that serve human creative needs in a natural and accessible way.

Digital Stationery defines an emerging market made up by a growing population of consumers and business users who use pen, paper, and ink with their digital counterparts: digital pens, augmented paper, and digital ink-based applications. By making the basics of advanced digital ink technology universal, the DSC makes it possible for developers to create a digital stationery set – digital-ink enabled pen, paper, and applications – that works seamlessly across analog and digital worlds. Digital stationery will make writing, sketching, exchanging, and collaborating across digital ink-based devices and technology platforms possible – from car dashboards to augmented worlds.

The DSC’s vision is to foster an open industry exchange and network forum for the advancement of smart digital stationery experiences designed to unlock human creativity.

The DSC’s mission is to establish digital ink as universal, open and smart content format by promoting and managing digital ink formats based on realize the full potential of digital stationery – using the universal, open and digital ink technology format WILL™ – to drive a new era of creativity, growth, and productivity.

The DSC’s goals are as follows:

  • Drive a new era of creativity, growth, and productivity by establishing and growing digital stationery as a new market category
  • Create an open exchange and network forum for industry partners to create and promote digital stationery
  • Explore open, global, cross-industry partnerships
  • Collaboratively identify new markets, user needs, and requirements for digital stationery experiences
  • Evangelize the necessity to establish and further evolve WILL™ as a truly universal digital ink system that is able to bridge ecosystems, platforms, and applications
  • Explore ways to make digital stationery an integrated part of cloud-enabled, distributed and smart ecosystems
  • Foster a trusted exchange of insights that advance the digital stationery market category with the goal to build new value and use cases for every user

DSC working groups ensure a coordinated, industry-led effort to advance and promote digital stationery experiences more broadly:

  • Developer Engagement Working Group – with the goal of connecting and engaging with developers to build the momentum of digital ink adoption
  • Customer Use Cases Working Group – with the goal of showing a tangible return on investments for digital stationery use cases bridging analog and digital industries and addressing various domains
  • Technology Working Group – with the goal of defining the requirements for digital ink and WILL™ in the emerging technology landscape around cloud and connected devices, and, in the near future, 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality.

By bringing together individual companies that have implemented effective methods for developing and delivering digital ink-based software, hardware, and services, the DSC will drive a coordinated, industry-led effort to build and advance digital stationery experiences more broadly. Fueled by cross-collaboration among its members, DSC will drive digital ink advancements, create new user experiences and open new market opportunities. Markets represented by the DSC include, but are not limited to:

  • Consumer Electronics manufacturers
  • Creative professionals
  • Digital pen/stylus manufacturers
  • Display, pen and touch system vendors
  • Enterprise applications and system integrators
  • IT and Cloud services providers
  • Nonprofit Researchers and Academics
  • Operating systems, ISVs and developers
  • Smartphone manufacturers
  • Tablet manufacturers
  • Traditional stationeries manufacturers

The DSC is looking for hands-on members who want to benefit from the digital stationery developments of others and actively contribute to advancing the art of digital ink and to promoting broad adoption. For more information about membership and benefits, please visit

Membership is open to all organizations that are supportive of the DSC’s purposes, and there are two levels of membership in the DSC for your organization to choose from: Contributor or Promoter.

  • Contributor level membership is for organizations that want to play a leading role in the future of the digital pen and ink industry. With Contributor level membership you will automatically have a seat on the Board, and be able to run for leadership positions within the Board and the Working Groups. Membership at this level is limited to ten companies, and annual dues are $20,000 USD.
  • Promoter level membership is open to all who are interested in making the world a more creative place and have an interest in the digital pen and ink industry. There is no limit to the number of companies that can join at this level, and annual dues range from $500 – $3,000 USD.

For more details on the membership levels and benefits, please visit If you have any further questions or would like to discuss membership in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

Facilitated by Wacom, Connected Ink is an event for industry leaders in hardware, software, telecommunications, IT and stationery. Taking place four times a year at various locations around the world, DSC member companies are invited to attend and participate in this key industry event. For more information about Connected Ink, visit

WILL™ is a universal ink engine and ink layer framework that connects hardware, software, and applications, enabling high-quality digital pen and ink experiences and letting people express their thoughts and ideas in an intuitive and instinctive way, using their own handwriting. The framework supports all kinds of input and provides natural ink expression while keeping digital ink native so it can be further processed and exchanged. To learn more about WILL™, visit

Digital ink is a type of content that enriches existing digital media with dedicated representations of handwriting and drawings. The technology captures smart information next to graphical information and associates every ink stroke with its semantics and context.

The concept of digital stationery is derived from the classic stationery kit, which provided consumers everything needed– pen, paper, ink, etc. – to write by hand, collaborate and freely express themselves. Digital stationery is the modern equivalent, essentially extending the classic stationery set palette to include an endless supply of interoperable, digital ink-powered offerings – digital pens, augmented paper, and digital stationery applications. Emerging digital stationery offering will enable an unlimited canvas for human creativity – new experiences driven by advanced user interfaces, 3D, as well as animated and augmented worlds.

Virtual reality (VR) creates a completely artificial environment where entire digital worlds become the creator’s canvas. Images drawn on paper or a favorite device or app are converted by WILL™ into digital ink smart content and then projected in a 3D virtual world. VR-based digital stationery experiences push the boundary of digital ink in new creative and innovative ways.

Unlike virtual reality, which creates a completely digital environment, augmented reality (AR) uses the existing environment and overlays new digital information on top of it. As part of the modern creative workflow, AR applications that leverage the universal digital ink framework of WILL™, deliver unique, personalized digital stationery experiences for consumers.

3D designs rely on digital ink technology to take hand-drawn or digitally-sketched objects and turn them into editable, digital versions. Further collaboration across devices and technologies is made possible by the digital ink framework, WILL™.