Event Highlight

Connected Ink 2021

The Wacom Connected Ink event explores new directions for art, human expression and education, and the technology that supports it all. This year, the event went on a 27-hour journey to seek out inspirations and new perspectives in the creative chaos.

The 2021 event is over. But Connected Ink goes on. Please visit the YouTube channel to watch the video recordings.

We would especially like to invite you to watch DSC’s contribution to the event.

The Digital Stationary Consortium was founded in 2016 with the vision of advancing digital ink, pen and paper technology. Today our members go beyond that, not just delivering cutting edge technology, but also creating unique user experiences.

For the 5-year milestone, the DSC members E Ink, Hanyi, Fujitsu, Lamy, Montblanc, MT Digital, Ratta / Supernote, Samsung, STAEDTLER and Wacom shared their thoughts on their solutions, learnings and ambitions for the future: