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Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration

Our Experience at Connected Ink 2023 by Wacom in Düsseldorf

We’re still excited after our participation at this year’s “Connected Ink” event in Düsseldorf a couple of days ago. It was a gathering that celebrated not only the evolution of digital stationery but also the power of collaboration and innovation within this industry.

The Digital Stationery Consortium was thrilled to be part of this event, where creative minds came together to explore the possibilities of digital stationery technology.

Wacom’s 40th-anniversary celebration added an extra layer of excitement and significance to the event. It was a testament to their pursuit of excellence and innovation over four incredible decades.


We’re excited to continue this journey, leveraging what we’ve learned to drive positive change and transformation in the digital stationery landscape.

A big „thank you“ also goes out to our members Lamy, Montblanc, Staedtler, Supernote Ratta, and Expresii – for their contributions and showcases.

Until next time, let’s keep creating, innovating, and shaping the future together!

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