Member Spotlight

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Interview with DSC Promoter Member E Ink

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Please briefly introduce your company.

We at E Ink are the pioneers and commercial leaders in the ePaper technology industry. Based on technology from MIT’s Media Lab, E Ink has transformed and defined the eReader market and is redefining the digital pen input device, signage, architecture and design, mobile, wearable and retail industries with its unique ePaper technology. Our company has enabled a new multi-billion dollar market in less than ten years, and E Ink is expecting to be an even more substantial influencer in many business verticals.  Through our collaboration with the DSC, we look forward to creating digital ink advancement opportunities that benefit the digital stationery industry.

What areas of expertise do you bring to the Digital Stationery Consortium?

E Ink wants to enable new forms of creativity and develop products that were never before possible without an underlying universal digital ink framework. Our corporate philosophy is to deliver ePaper displays that create revolutionary products, user experiences and environmental benefits for our customers through advanced technology development. E Ink’s ePaper technology allows product designers to leverage the power of data management to update information in real time with ultra-low-power consumption in various applications. For instance, there are E Ink display-based smart bus stops in remote areas that show bus schedule information solely powered by solar panels, electronic shelf labels that save retailers from replacing paper price labels physically, and medical devices that enhance better medication adherence. Our solutions have allowed developers to put displays in locations never before possible, enabling devices to communicate information in the growing world of IoT. By working with together with our fellow DSC members, we can help create new possibilities that help advance the digital stationery market.

What types of market trends are emerging out of the new digital stationary market?

Education, digital content management and advanced writing and notetaking are all trends that are evolving to shape the digital stationery market. According to studies, notetaking helps students learn and retain information more effectively. For instance, E Ink’s ePaper display enabled devices with writing capabilities offer users an experience that closely mimics paper. E Ink displays provide the look, feel and experience of writing on a paper notebook but add the benefits of digital content management. With the latest improvement in writing speeds, E Ink’s technology enables users to enjoy writing and reading at the same time.  Unlike other displays, reflective and wide-angle viewing properties of ink on paper ensure that the screen does not shine light directly into user’s eyes, creating eye fatigue. Our displays only use power to change an image, not to maintain it, resulting in better battery life over displays that require continuous power, such as LCD-based devices.

E Ink is committed to driving the continuous advancement of writing capabilities on ePaper displays. We hope to drive the movement from writing on paper to the digital medium. By working together with our ecosystem partners, E Ink aims to provide the best digital reading and writing solutions to users

What is the digital stationery market’s impact on E Ink’s business and products?

E Ink believes there are an untapped multi-billion dollar market opportunities in digital pen input devices with E Ink display to create the best digital writing experience products. Through our collaboration with the DSC, we are working with different Consortium members to identify how to advance the user experience. As a leader in ePaper technology, innovations in universal digital ink technology using the Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL) are an essential part of creating new digital stationery market use cases. We want to enable new forms of creativity and develop products that were never before possible without an underlying universal digital ink framework. By working together, the DSC helps create these possibilities.

Why should companies become members of the DSC?

Anyone looking to create digital pen input products or software related to digital pen input should join the DSC. The DSC provides unparalleled opportunities to build universal digital ink technology solutions that create a new digital stationary market.

The benefit of networking with other members within the DSC provides companies, academics, researchers and developers the ability to make connections. Also, members can participate the consortium’s work groups, alongside members that are leaders in stationery, mobile, cloud computing, education and more.

What other types of companies benefit from joining the DSC?

Companies that in some way, shape or form use digital ink should join the DSC. Also, the DSC offers a unique promoter membership opportunity to start-ups and academics interested in joining. The research and developer communities are an essential part of developing the digital ink industry, and the DSC recognizes that their innovation and experience will help to identify and create new digital stationery use cases. Plus, the membership fees for the first year are waived for companies that qualify.

Every company that joins the DSC benefits from the collaboration, as each company offers different insight and viewpoints into universal digital ink technology. It is extremely valuable to have multiple companies from various backgrounds establishing a universal digital ink technology framework that will not only benefit their company and customers but society as well.