Member Spotlight

Interview with DSC Member Samsung Electronics

Please introduce yourself briefly.

I’m currently a member of the Digital Stationery Consortium (DSC) Board of Directors. As the partnership manager of Mobile Communications business at Samsung Electronics, I play a key role in the development of S Pen-enabled products. Samsung’s extensive research in the field of pen input solutions in mobile devices contributed to the successful commercialization of the first Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011. Ever since that time, the company has been committed to the role of R&D for digital ink-related technologies such as the S Pen (Stylus Pen).

What is Digital Stationery’s impact on Samsung’s business and products?

The S Pen is a unique device to advance creativity in our mobile products like the Galaxy Note series. Live messaging with the S Pen makes every message more personal. Users can draw their own emojis, make animated GIFs or write handwritten messages on photos. With the S Pen’s smart select feature, users can select a section of a video and share it with friends directly or on social media. As part of the DSC, we want to make sure that users get more benefits and value from using digital ink technology innovations like the S Pen.

Samsung has joined the Digital Stationery Consortium (DSC) at the Contributor level. What first brought you to the DSC, and why did you decide to become a member?

Samsung and Wacom have been partners for more than seven years, and our goal has always been to deliver digital ink innovations that enhance digital stationery experiences. We’ve been focused on advancing digital ink technology as well as exploring new customer use cases.

We joined the DSC after hearing the DSC Chairman’s vision for the emerging digital stationery market at a Connected Ink event. By collaborating with the members of the DSC, we can achieve our goal to unlock creativity for the average user in new ways.

We encourage others to join this movement to make the world a more creative place.

Would other types of companies benefit from joining the DSC?

Any company that is interested in pushing the boundaries of digital ink to enable users to be more creative with new digital stationery experiences would benefit from membership in the DSC. The goal of the DSC is to allow people to do more with their digital ink, pens, and papers — to get more creative and express themselves digitally in innovative ways.

The digital ink technology is so much more than just software for a writing instrument when it’s adapted for a universal digital ink platform. Pen manufacturers, stationery manufacturers, and software developers that are interested in contributing to the digital ink world should consider becoming DSC members.