Member Spotlight

New member SUKI Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Welcome to our new DSC member:

SUKI Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


SUKI, founded in October 2014, is a company with research and development, production, and sales of EPD products. The product range includes e-reader devices, handwritten books, office books etc.. They have cooperations with companies in various IoT fields such as smart retail, smart education, smart office, smart industry, and smart agriculture.

The company is currently the key agent for major China domestic e-reader brands such as iFlytek, Moan, Hanvon, Boox, and iReader, as well as many consumer electronics brands.

At the same time, the “NUANFENGJIA” IP SNS account created by the company has many followers on various media platforms and has currently the largest view volume in the vertical field of Bilibili’s e-paper (1.71 million views to date).

SUKI focuses on and closely follows the development trends of the industry and market, focusing on its main business of e-paper, and works with well-known partners from all areas to provide customers with ideal electronic paper IoT solutions, contributing to industry development and popular science communication.


Find out more on the Bilibili NUANFENGJIA website