Event Highlight

Recap of the recent Connected Ink Event!

This year, Connected Ink took place around the world in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Düsseldorf, and Portland over a two-week period of time from 6th to 19th November 2022.

The event was planned as an inspiring, meaningful and interesting journey of exploring humanity’s evolution and creativity, as well as connecting culture, society and our future as human beings in the creative chaos of Connected Ink 2022.

The Digital Stationery Consortium, Inc. participated in three events – in Tokyo, Shanghai and in Düsseldorf.



On 10th November, our members Lamy, Montblanc, Samsung, Staedtler, and Wacom shared insights about their DSC membership and the collaborations with other members to accomplish their ambitious goals towards the digital approach.



If you are interested in finding out more, you can view the talk here: Boosting new smart stationery



A few days later, on 13th November, the DSC was introduced to the Shanghai audience as part of the presentation about Ink Technologies.





Finally on 18th November, we participated at the event in Tokyo where there was a panel discussion set up on stage with our members E Ink Corporation, Fujitsu, Montblanc, and Samsung. The talk was about the evolution of writing and drawing with analog and digital ink. Do the worlds of analog and digital ink complement and interact with each other – even go hand in hand? We wanted to dive into the diversity of ink behaviors and see how analog ink influences and inspires our digital world. The informative and interesting talk was accompanied by an onstage performance of Japanese traditional calligraphy.


We would like to thank our members for being part of the event and supporting our vision to build up communities and platforms to bring analog and digital together and develop meaningful experiences for the users!