Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF) 2024

Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF) 2024, held in Hokkaido, Japan and themed “LAST SNOW,” commenced on January 20th, attracting creative minds and enthusiasts from across the globe.

Our founding member Wacom was one of the Initiative Partners, contributing its unique perspective with the thematic concept, “Last Ink.”

Wacom’s presence at the festival took place in three different forms, the first being the “Last Ink” exhibition at the Art Museum. This showcase didn’t only capture the essence of handwriting and hand-drawing but also delved into their timeless significance as vessels for the transmission of ideas and thoughts.

Collaborating with visionary partners, the exhibition introduced two drawing experiences, seamlessly blending analog and digital realms.

The digital drawing component showcasing products of further DSC members such as #Lamy and #Staedtler encouraged participants to express their ideas on a pen-tablet, drawing inspiration from the creative endeavors of others displayed on various screens. On the other hand, the analog drawing experience prompted individuals to sketch portraits of unfamiliar faces using small photographs left by previous visitors. Both encounters celebrated the inherent joy of drawing, highlighting its simplicity and universal appeal.

Wacom invited festival attendees to reflect on the profound connection between the acts of “drawing” and “writing” and their potential to shape the future under the thought-provoking theme, “Last Ink.” This exploration of creativity and expression continued throughout the festival, which concluded on February 25th.

In addition to the exhibition, Wacom enthusiasts enjoyed exclusive events, including the “Wacom International Art Festival (WIAF)” which took place on February 17th and the SIAF school workshop on February 18th.