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STAEDTLER is a traditional and renowned German company with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1835, specializing in manufacturing writing/drawing instruments and creative products. The company is best known for producing high-quality pencils, pens, and stationery items. These products cater to a diverse range of users, including children, students, artists, and professionals.  STAEDTLER remains at the forefront of innovation, regularly introducing new technologies and product concepts. Notable among its innovations are features like Dry SAFE technology, sustainable packaging or pencils made from Upcycled Wood.

STAEDTLER joined the Digital Stationery Consortium a few years ago while collaborating with Wacom on the STAEDTLER Noris digital pencil, a pencil with a digital ink cartridge for a natural writing and drawing experience on S Pen-compatible devices.

For STAEDTLER, the DSC provides a great network of potential partner-companies for future projects that can further leverage digital ink technology advancements.

Dr. Alexander Vyhnal, Head of Research & Development at STAEDTLER SE.

Based on Dr. Alexander Vyhnals scientific chemical education and his digital mindset, he has been fascinated since decades in chances and possibilities of progressing different materials with process- and information technologies.

Especially the synergistic combination of different technologies to innovate products and business models is part of his DNA.

STAEDTLER’s engagement in the ‘Digital Stationery Consortium’ focuses on seamlessly merging traditional and digital experiences and exploring ways to incorporate digital technology into their products without compromising the quality users associate with STAEDTLER.

STAEDTLER is a pioneer in bridging the analog and digital worlds when it comes to writing instruments.

Collaboration with other members

The collaboration with other Consortium members supports the development of innovative digital writing tools that provide a natural and familiar feel for users transitioning from traditional to digital media. The Consortium serves as an ideal hub for connecting with companies possessing diverse competences. Thanks to the DSC’s heterogeneous and international context, new product applications can be devised across all three related dimensions – pen, paper, and ink.

Preserving Creativity

The importance of maintaining the creative and artistic essence of traditional tools in the digital realm is a topic close to our hearts within the Consortium. This endeavor acknowledges the rich heritage of traditional mediums and at the same time recognizes the potential of digital technology to enhance and extend creative possibilities.

Educational Initiatives

Digitalization presents schools with numerous opportunities – and at the same time challenges that are best solved when many stakeholders come together.

With the age-appropriate product concept, STAEDTLER supports children in the various phases of their rapid development. Writing, drawing, painting, and crafting skills are the foundations for maintaining human cognitive and motor skills. This philosophy is the cornerstone of STAEDTLER, leading us to provide children at all developmental stages with the appropriate pen or pencil.

Together with Wacom and other Consortium members, we generate ideas and innovative concepts for the use of digital ink and digital pens that sustainably support and enhance the learning and teaching experience.

As part of this commitment, we supported a Digital School Thinkathon, to encourage schools and students to re-think digital education, and take part at the annual Connected Ink events from Wacom.

One of our goals is to empower educators and students with tools that facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Digital Products

At first glance, the STAEDTLER Noris digital looks just like a normal pencil and feels like one too – but it is actually a stylus for tablets, smartphones and notebooks. STAEDTLER’s philosophy is to bridge the analogue to the digital world and to combine the best features of both.

STAEDTLER’s Noris digital was the first completely digital pencil and had the same iconic yellow-black striped design as the analogue original pencil, which was launched in 1901. Together with SAMSUNG and WACOM, the digital version was presented on ‘Mobile World Congress’ in 2017 (Barcelona). In the meantime, different new versions were successfully launched – especially the combination of digital writing in combination with a digital erasing unit at the backend of the pencil (Noris digital jumbo) is a perfect reflection of the worldwide known yellow pencil with erasing tip.


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