Use Case Spotlight

Use Case: Driving the Next Generation of Note-Taking and Collaboration

A universal digital ink technology framework offers new opportunities for stationery companies to expand their note-taking product capabilities and deliver new value to customers. In the Digital Stationery Consortium (DSC) Use Cases Case Study titled “Driving The Next Generation of Note-Taking And Collaboration With Digital Ink,” we examine how digital stationery solutions offer new opportunities for note-taking and collaboration providers to broaden their offerings. The adoption of a universal, open and smart content format and a common framework for sharing and collaborating with digital ink will significantly expand note-taking capabilities.

Enabled by universal digital ink technology, advancements in AI and semantic technology within note-taking systems will create an expanded set of digital stationery experiences.

The case study highlights opportunities including:

  • How note-taking is getting smarter
  • Ways note-taking collaboration platforms are advancing
  • Why technology enhancements are turning note-takers into knowledge workers
  • How semantic technology is streamlining workflow

Download the case study today to learn how DSC Contributor Members E Ink, Montblanc, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited, Samsung, iFlyTek, Wacom and other leading companies with a passion for writing, drawing, and technology are using the universal digital ink technology framework known as WILL™ (Wacom Ink Layer Language) to ensure new digital stationery experiences all work universally across software, hardware and applications regardless of the platform.