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New member eWritable!

Welcome to the DSC!

Our latest member to join the Digital Stationery Consortium, Inc. is Dan Dutton from eWritable.

Dan is passionate about E-ink writing tablets, which bring together the tactile pleasure of writing on paper with the power of digital technology.

Dan had always kept a paper-based journal to organize his thoughts, ideas, schedule and to-do lists and at the height of the Covid pandemic, he made the decision to go digital with his note-taking. He tried out many technologies without success. Many required keyboard input which felt disjointed and disrupted his mental flow. In comparison, pen-based input felt a lot more natural as if it were an extension of his mind. But even after buying a laptop and mobile phone with integrated styluses, there was still something that was not quite right with the experience.

He was on the verge of going back to his analogue paper-based system when he stumbled across e-ink tablets and instantly felt like he had found the answer he had been looking for. Long battery life, a screen that was easy on the eyes, and a more paper-like writing feel made for a more natural experience with the added bonus of being able to access his notebooks from his phone whenever he needed to look up some information.

After a lot of research, he bought his first e-ink tablet in 2021 and has happily used these technologies (almost daily) since that time.

Whilst deciding which e-ink tablet to buy, he became painfully aware that there was a severe lack of unbiased information about these niche devices and so he made a website to publish the specification comparison tables he had created during his own research. These proved to be very popular with prospective buyers and over the past 13 months eWritable has grown to include a wealth of information about e-ink tablets, including reviews, ratings, head-to-head comparisons, and buying advice as well a comparison table that can be used to filter products by user-specified criteria.

In addition to the website, eWritable also maintains a Facebook group and growing mailing list of e-ink tablet enthusiasts.

Recently, e-readers have been also added to the website and over the next 12 months there are plans to review even more digital stationary solutions.

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