Customer Use Cases Work Group

Scope of work: Analyze leading markets and identify promising use cases which makes creative ideation, workflows and collaboration more intuitive, simple, natural, effective and efficient. The focus is to address user’s problems and to uncover underlying needs – in conjunction with the DSC Digital Stationery technology vision.

  • Develop use cases based on the dev community, market research, analysis with legal and technology implications.
  • Proof of concept demos to make concepts tangible and to perform real-life user studies.
  • Derive whitepapers and communication assets which support market evangelism, business development and new product development.

Marketing Work Group

Scope of work: To pool the relevant resources of all DSC member companies to support promotion activities for the DSC. This relates directly to the 2018 goals to raise awareness for Digital Stationery Market. The Work Group will strive to gain awareness and support the growth in members.
Goals: Increase industry knowledge of the DSC by:​

  • Leverage corporate channels of members for DSC promotion
  • Identifying DSC promotion opportunities
  • Develop marketing tactics for DSC promotion​
  • Develop marketing materials for member use

Technology Work Group

Scope of work: Investigate and discuss how Digital Stationery can be combined or integrated into upcoming, trending technologies. To evaluate technologies, the workgroup can initiate a proof of concept, e.g. prototype for Digital Stationery in Virtual Reality.
Focus on technologies: VR/AR, AI, IoT, Cloud / ecosystems

  • Define Requirements for Digital Stationery technology to enable new use cases based on VR, AR and 3D
  • Technical expert community to represent DSC in industry
  • Proof of concepts / prototypes for the usage of Digital Stationery with new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Deep Learning, Digital Stationery in the cloud, or multi-modal sensor-technologies
  • Evaluation and integration of start-ups in vision roadmap
  • Vision roadmap and paper on promising technology

For more information about any of the DSC Work Groups, or to join, please contact membership@digitalstationeryconsortium.org