Kim Dan, CEO Onyx International

Please introduce yourself and your company: 

I am the CEO at Onyx International, Inc., a leading Chinese consumer electronics company dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing of E Ink devices that provide users with the convenience of technology with paper-like reading and writing experiences.  Our devices are e-readers and tablets for a wide range of users from readers, writers, scribblers, and sketchers to musicians and architects. Most recently, I’ve spearheaded the Onyx branded “BOOX” eReaders, devices, which redefine E Ink or “ePaper” electronics.

What is Digital Inks impact on your business and products?

Today our lives are full of various screen-based reading and writing devices from mobile phones to tablets and computers that offer great convenience but can give rise to health issues with extended use. Consumers are looking for devices that help alleviate side-effects from extended use like eye strain, blurred vision or headaches. Our mission is to build state-of-the-art, eye-friendly electronics that not only provide users with technological conveniences like digital ink-enabled screens that allow for writing, drawing and collaborating, but that also protect users’ eyes from digital fatigue.

Why is Digital Ink important to your organization?

We aim to provide best-in-class E Ink and ePaper electronics to the global markets. It is integral to our products’ success that reading is comfortable and never tiring. Many of our eReaders utilize E Ink Carta, which provides the most realistic “paper” reading experience with a lighter base and higher contrast. For example with BOOX, you can not only read, but also write, draw and take notes just like on real paper, but the the device significantly alleviates digital eye strain when reading or writing for long hours. Our devices, including BOOX, take advantage of Wacom styluses that leverage digital ink technology. We believe that with further collaboration through the DSC, we can make the WILL universal digital ink framework a standard that helps us and other members advance a more health-conscious mission when creating digital stationery products.

What first brought you to the DSC, and why did you decide to become a member?

Onyx saw enormous opportunity in collaborating with other influential DSC members to create new use cases that work across the industry, such as setting up a collaborative e-reader selling and publication ecosystem.

What are your expectations for the next couple of years, how will further developments in digital ink and stationary change your business?

We are excited about the future. Working with our fellow DSC members, we hope to examine new digital ink-enabled use cases, such as working with developing countries to help more talented people generate high-quality content to share with society through connected ink and connected ink technologies.

What DSC efforts are you most excited about

The DSC Work Group Summits are an invaluable membership benefit for Onyx and give DSC members a chance to meet face-to-face and continue the work of the consortium. We are continually excited by the opportunities to connect with other member organizations and collaborate on digital ink technologies that promote the emergence of universal standards.