Event Highlight: Insights-X Online 2020

Our DSC founding member Wacom and our promoter member Staedtler were both participants at last month’s Insights-X Online. This stationery event went online for the first time this year and exceeded expectations within the stationery industry. The completely virtual concept met with widespread approval among participants, suppliers and retailers.

170 suppliers from 34 countries successfully presented their trends and innovations at the three-day stationery event. Featuring brands and personal interaction, the digital edition of the popular Nuremberg expo achieved the same high level of quality and diversity as the last event. The blend of product information, workshops and networking was well received by the 4,775 retailers and buyers attending Insights-X Online over its full duration.

Besides holding one-on-one video conference meetings with suppliers, there were also 35 live workshops and engaging product presentations, staged by major market players and creative start-ups.

Wacom’s Executive VP Faik Karaoglu and Senior Vice President Ink Divsion Heidi Wang held a session about “How Wacom is shaping the Future of Education”, a topic that has become all the more significant since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staedtler had an online booth showing their new products.